Trying my hand at some Radio Imaging

Hey Mike and MRC community,

This is just my attempt at some radio imaging, using voiceovers from Fresh92.7 and editing a Charli XCX song. I use Logic Pro 9, so the version that’s one down from Logic Pro X. I’m really keen to get some feedback/advice and any commentary for improvement? Thanks heaps.



Thanks for sharing Jason. I’m a fan of Aussie voices so this sounds :ok_hand: great to me.

What is the vocal or effect at the very start before the main voice kicks in? I can’t make out what is being said? It sounds electronic or like a robotic voice synth. I’m interested to know how this worked into your mix.

The power intro all fits together perfectly and I love the final “Fresh” shout with a nice large helping of reverb.

Good work! I look forward to hearing more from you on here.

Cheers Mike (or mate as we prefer it down under!)
That vocal sample at the start is actually the “Right About Now” from that FatBoy Slim tune, processed with a bitcrusher to get that robotic effect. Probably isn’t mixed the greatest there but I’ll definitely patch it up :+1: Awesome to get your feedback and I’ll keep at it for sure :slightly_smiling_face:

great Sounds Stereo and mixing for you jpwalker97… nice

I really like the choice of music and vocals. It fits all together without feeling overloaded. Could definitely play on Fresh FM :slight_smile:

Though I would try out what it sound like
when the “Fresh!” shout at the end came in a tiny little bit earlier. Right now it seems to me as the “re” of “fresh” were slightly after the beat. I’d try to play it on the beat.

Boom! Clap. And clap some more. Well done, Jason!

:+1::+1::+1: I agree with, Sounds great @jpwalker97 :+1::+1::+1: