Audio player bug report

This is not a feature request but bug report to @Mike.

The integrated Audio Player of MRC doesn’t work for me on Firefox nor Chrome. When I load the page, the player does either not appear or plays no sound.
It seems as the server holding the audio file doesn’t give anyone/-thing access to the file. When I try to play/download the file directly from the server, I get an “access denied” information.

Maybe there should be an official place for bug reports too? :smiley:

Have you flash enabled?
It’s a HTTP 5 complaint player as far as I know.

In Chrome, there should be a “i” info logo at the start of the address bar.
Load the page and click on it to see what features are called by the page and whether they are enabled and if any pop ups are also blocked.

It’s a HTML5 player. It does not use flash at all. So that would not be the problem. If you are using antivirus it could be blocking Amazon web services which is where the files are stored. See if you can disable your antivirus.

Are you using a VPN or something similar that hides your IP address? As Amazon web services often block VPN IPS as they are often misused.

I am using an antivirus but it provides a firewall only. For being sure I disabled it - no effect.
On Firefox I am using a protection plugin. But as Chrome and Edge have given the same error, this cannot be the reason either. Besides I am usually able to listen to any music on the web.

Does the player work for you? Here is an example post.

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Thanks for reporting this @Jaspa

It turned out to be a great catch. The forum was going through and deleting all mp3 files older than 48 hours assuming them to not be in any active posts. :scream:

I have added a fix and rescued most audio files so all should be good again :+1:

Wow, that is not good ^^
Thank you for solving the problem :+1: