Rodecaster Duo Recording Issues In Adobe Premiere and OBS

Hey there.

I recently picked up a Rodecaster Duo, and have come across some major issues recently.

When using the rodecaster as an input to record directly into premiere pro or OBS, the sound I get is far too quiet.

I’m currently using windows, and have my RE-20 microphone set to 57 db of gain with the corresponding fader on my rodecaster device cranked all the way up. Even so, my recordings are only hitting -12db in premiere. However, with the content I’m making, I want to be hitting the -6db range or lower. Finally, the audio monitoring can easily get loud when I plug my headphones in, but it just can’t get loud when I record.

My old interface, the wave XLR, was able to hit the -6db range with only 50 decibels of gain on my mic, but this rodecaster simply can’t do it from what I’ve tried. Is there a setting I missed? How can I fix this without making my audio noisy or distorted?

If this is relevant, My PC is the Dell G5, an entry-level gaming PC with 8GB of ram, Windows 11 (previously win 10), and a NVIDIA GTX 1660 graphics card.

How are you connecting the Rodecaster Duo to the Dell G5?
Which software are you using for recording?
How close are you to the RE-20 when recording?

Hey @Lettuce welcome!

It sounds like you’ve already tried adjusting the gain and fader settings on your Rodecaster Duo. I recently answered another thread about Rodecaster Pro audio issues. Maybe ideas there will help.

As for OBS ensure that the audio input capture is set to the Rodecaster Duo, and you might want to try increasing the volume via the OBS mixer settings.