RCP2 Track Mapping into Audition 2023 w/ MRC 3.0 plugins

Hi folks!
Trying to map channels out of my Rodecaster Pro 2 into Audition.
I have:
MIC1 going into the Voice (Clean) track.
USB1 going into SFX 1
Chat (sound pads) going into SFX2.

All of this is working, but the USB1 and Chat tracks are also being inout into the Voice (Clean) track! The result is everything ends on Voice, and I have to go back and strip them off.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Many Thanks,

I wonder if the issue with everything going onto the clean track is that you’re sending the stereo mix of the RØDECaster Pro II @bobnolley? If everything else works but not MIC1 test sending different channels and see if that’s different.

Sometimes you need to change a setting on the RCP2 to say send all channels instead of just stereo mix. Worth to bear this in mind.