Retro Flashback: Mike Russell on Time 106.6 FM

So that nobody needs to feel embarrased I’m going to post the first demo here :smiley:

Here I am on Time 106.6 FM in Slough, UK… 10 years ago :scream_cat: in 2007.

Your votes and feedback would be greatly appreciated. Maybe I’ll get a job offer? :rofl:

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hi Mike
i love this demo

Hi @Mike,

Super Strange! I’m part of Time107.5. Their Sister company!

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Is Time 107.5 still going? :open_mouth:

Yeah! They got a new studio’s in the Liberty Shopping centre!

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Really, really great @Mike! People ACTUALLY spoke to you on the phone! Best air check I’ve heard in forever! I’d like to know how your numbers were - LARGE AUDIENCE I strongly suspect.

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