Allow Other File Formats (not just MP3) for Uploading Audio

Anyone who is already in the game who’s thinking of posting their expensively produced, professional showreel, is not going to use MP3 to upload, to be fair when you think about.

Anyone know what is going on here?

A fair point.

I think MP3 is the best for the board and if you want to include a high quality lossless format perhaps link to a cloud storage provider in your post.

Anything more than MP3 may be too costly in terms of storage space. I’m open to hear suggestions about other possible file formats worth using for audio uploads on here.

Agreed. A talent should have their own audio repository on their own or management website showreel section by default if they are serious about gaining employment

Broadcast Wave format would be my preference just for the time-stamp.
It would show they already know how files are marked to their start point on a timeline for eg.

You could limit it to 30, 60 or 90 second length which would be plenty IMHO.
because if they don’t grab you in the first 10 seconds…