MRC Presets for Heil RP-40

Hi all,

I’m a Food Creator and make videos with voiceovers.

I was looking at the Premiere Pro Presets.

I have a Heil PR-40 which can make my Ss and Ts a bit harsh.

Will any of the presets help with this as well as giving the audio a bit more oomph?

Bonus question :slight_smile: - Is the best way to make my audio stereo in Premiere to use the ‘fill left with right’ effect?


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Hi Russell,
The best way to find out if the presets would work for you is to send us a short raw sample of your recording - we can run it past the presets and send back to you so that you can hear the difference it makes to your specific setup. You can either post the sample here or email our team at

Bonus question - Mike shows how to do this in this post: Premiere Pro Presets - No Difference After Applying - #2 by Mike

Hope this helps!

Wonderful, thanks. Have attached here.

Hi @russellc here is the file with presets applied. Our producer has provided a few in one clip:

Clips 1 to 3 are the Narration Preset. (Gentle/Normal/ Punchy). - in our opinion best option for you
Clips 4 & 5 are from the Premiere Pro Presets v1. 2
Clip 4 - De Reverb and VO Processing (Layered on clip)
Clip - VO Processing only

Let me know if you have any questions!