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It’s super fun to work with creative people.


Hello!! My name is Taylor Sunderhaus for Cincinnati, Ohio in the USA. I love all things internet, Radio, and Broadcasting. One of the things I am very proud of is I own my own low power FM radio station in Cincinnati. I have always been a customer and a big fan of Mike Russell.

Mike Russell, You might remember the TJS Radio drops you made for me. You might have to do some searching to remember. lol


I hope one day I can finally be on a Live Stream Thanks for the space @Mike

Hi everyone!
My name is Leonardo Favaretto. I’m from Brazil and I’m an audio addict as well. I blame @Mike for that Hahahahahah

In 2015, with some friends, we started a site about pop culture, named “LEPOP” witch have a podcast about varieties (We already talked about Law, Voice Acting, Investiments… We also did some interviews with singers, bands, artits… all in portugues).

When we started the “LEPOPCAST”, I start to looking for more information about best pratces to podcasting, how to make the sound really great… Then I discovery that nice guy from UK who really knows how to make people start to love audio prodution. Hahahaha

Thanks alot, Mike! You have no idea how much You’ve helped me in my podcast with your videos. Especialy 'cause I’m a radio lover and something I really tried hard was to give that kinda radio sound/feeling in my podcast, with some radio transitions, radio imagin into, outro that kind of stuff. You helped me alot. Thank you so much, Mike. You rock!

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My name is Will and I am living just outside of Washington DC at the moment. I found this community doing research trying to help my wife with her new VO passion. Mike’s instructional tuts have been a VERY big help to me but I must say I am still far from even wanting to call myself a beginner at this. I am hoping to learn as much as possible on editing and mastering the female voice to help her out and the live stream yesterday was very helpful. @Mike is so good at this that I sat in the booth to record myself for equipment set up and testing, then used his ENCN steps that my wife wanted to know who I was listening to on the playback because they sounded so good. Thanks Mike and keep it up.



Hi Everyone. Just saying hi after finding Mike only a week ago. This looks like an awesome place to be. Mike I have shared your YT channel with lots of sound groups on FB, so hopefully this board will just light up like Blackpool. I am an ex-DJ from the 80s and 90s London soul scene. Grew up under the lights of the Westway. Moved into music production very early mixing some stuff on Warner Bros. before it was ‘trendy’ or defacto. But now I am a self taught pianist, guitar and bass player. Looking to take my audio and voice on my home production to new levels. Always found that the voice work seems to be a little harder and after only a few times of listening to Mike I now know why! That said lets get going into this. I will be based in Malaga from next month so I will be looking to invoke some Spanish influence into my mixes! I will try and bring some of the sun to this Community!! Lets go!!


Exciting to see so many new members of the community!

@kahfluie @Jaspa @T-Bone @Juanmapinker @tjsunderhaus @LLeonardo @Will_Eastridge @Dark-Knight

Keep on making awesome audio :smiley:


Hi it’s Thias Esseboom here, from the Netherlands… I am a radio host (locally), music producer, video producer and so much more… But most important of all… I’m human :wink:

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Hi There, My name is Henri and i’m a producer in audio adverts, jingles and audiocommercials. I work for a company based in the Northern Face of Holland, Groningen! I just ran into this community. So i’m trying to get this in my busy daily system :slight_smile:

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My name is Matthew, from Detroit, Michigan, USA.

I am a professional photographer, who is upping his skills into Audition and Premiere Pro.

I am happy to join!

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Adrian aka Ady DeeJay from Romania! Sound designer, producer and ghost producer for over 20 years, mobile DJ for over 9 years, club DJ for over 3 years. You can find me … almost everywhere - just Google me. :wink:

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I’m Gavin and am a sound engineer/technical assistant at a community radio station in South Africa, using audition for a large portion of my work.
Mike, you have taught me the majority of what I know about Audition and I am eternally grateful for that. I am constantly learning new things from you and feel privileged to be a part of this community.
Thanks Mike for all that you do and I look forward to learning more and more.

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Hi all!!!

I used to volunteer for a community radio station where I used to create jingles and such for various shows and such… My skills weren’t the best then.

Just by reading just a handful of comments and such in this community, my knowledge and understanding of audio creating/editing is extremely limited, even when I considered myself to be ‘not too bad at it’.

I’m currently developing a website for visually impaired and blind people to access information about various topics of interest and I’ll be creating audio articles and podcasts to try and make the site universal and accessible as much as possible. I came across MRC a while back and now I’m finally (nearly) ready to get stuff sorted!

As somewhat of a novice, I’ll try and contribute when I can!!

Thanks for reading!!

  • David
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A very warm welcome to the community!

@ThiasEsseboom @Henri_Haan @Matthew_Visnaw @adydeejay @GavinGavin @davebrom1

We’re just two weeks old today and it’s great to see so many knowledgable and experienced people joining in already :slight_smile:


MIKE…Good morning from the colonies…My name is Randall R. Read. ( I own Chuckanut Broadcast Group LLC in the United States. I am in the process of purchasing a "Talk/News station and switching the format to “CASCADE COUNTRY” . Now, my question is I need station id’s and a logo of some kind. The problem is. I DO NOT WANT JUST SOME “WISHY-WASHY” Logo or ID. I really need something that is going to knock the listener’s socks off. I want the listener to come back to what he has just heard. Not occasionally, but all the time. Do you follow me? Got any real good ideas’? I’d really like to hear imput on this issue.

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Hey there @rrandyread and a very warm welcome!

Thanks for sharing what you do and the name of your radio group. We’d be delighted to help you make some unique sounding sung radio jingles and imaging. It’s best to contact us at Music Radio Creative to take this discussion further. Thank you :+1:

Hey guys!

I’m Jason and I’m originally from Dubai U.A.E but now living in Adelaide, Australia. I’m currently studying music technology at university, and I really want to get into sound production for radio and broadcasting! I’ve just started volunteering at a community station (Fresh92.7) as audio producer and I’m looking to take my imaging and production skills to the best level it can be :slight_smile: I’ve been producing mock imaging pieces for a while now and I’m having loads of fun just chopping up and playing around with audio. Loving the videos Mike, I may be a newbie here but I find all of them very informative and helpful. Looking forward to learning heaps more from you and the community!

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Welcome here @jpwalker97 and thank you for the kind words!

Greetings from Kyiv. I am a Brit abroad 8-).
Love the live shows @Mike
By trade in Britain I was a Lighting Cameraman so you could say we left all the sound to the noisy boys (and gals) now I have no choice but to learn and learn quickly. Enjoying the learning process though.
I run a training class over here called TeenScreen for as you’ve guessed teenager’s. We teach them news literacy, which means learning English in a new way. We then record their news items on camera or sound and play it back to them. They soon learn where they are going wrong :sunglasses:
Anyway just wanted to say hi to everyone and to forgive any crazy questions I may ask.


Hey! I’m Mark Thomas, I’m a full time voiceover artist from the south coast of England.

I’ve joined MRC as one of their voice talent and hope to perhaps work with some of you in the future.

Take care all.