Introduce Yourself!

Hello everyone!
I’m an Avid ediitor for NBC who’s main reason for finding MRC in the first place is to clean up field/bad audio that we often get. What I’m now trying to learn is how to expand my audition skills to do more than just clean up hits and pops!
I would love to learn more about spectral editing which seems to be great for cleaning up audio. Also want to figure out how to remove lyrics from music for personal projects that I do.

Looking forward to learning more!



Hey Chris!

Welcome, it’s great to have you here as part of the community. What are you working on right now? Maybe we could take a listen/look and offer some insights.


Hi Mike, David Silke here.

Why I’m here is there are not too many up-to-date YouTube videos showing editing in Adobe Audition - everyone’s mainly using ProTools or a few others.

Anyway, even though my speciality is more music mixing and post production than radio sweeps and the like, you are providing some very nifty processing and effects tips for me. You work like me in starting and stopping abruptly, (much to the annoyance of my clients sometimes lol) but it’s how I work and it works for me.

Remember I gave you a couple of shortcut tips in the chat one time? I’ve got more I can give to you to speed up your workflow. Maybe we can start a topic on that - producers’ keyboard shortcuts and their workflow. Because I have changed a few of the default keyboard shortcuts to make things easier to use - saves a lot of mousing around.

I’m looking forward to your future streams, and I’ll talk with you soon.



Thanks for the great introduction, David.

It’s great to hear about what you’re doing with Adobe Audition. I’d certainly be interested to hear some samples if you’re willing to share them here.

Ha ha, yep, gotta be hot on that spacebar key :wink:

I like the idea of an Adobe Audition Keyboard Shortcuts thread so created it and added your awesome tip!


It’s not really as easy as ‘hear’ any samples because my output is a final product of a full music mix.

Most of my projects include cutting a song down to less than 2 mins from one that is over 3 or more minutes. Some good cutting, pasting and crossfading - heaps of fun! I give myself the biggest high when I can’t hear the crossfades. I love it.
I’d have to send you the whole project with .sesx file and the WAV(s) for you to study in the multitrack.

I made an excellent example of a song I needed to cut to bits to shorten for a recent client. I could probably send that to you to study but it is copyrighted music. If you use the project for demo and study purposes only, it should be OK to send.

Let me know what you think.



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I’m here because I simply googled looking for a business able to make a awesome intro/outro and jingles for my podcast as I found it near impossible of any business doing this in New Zealand. By the way @Mike and ALL MRC Team did a awesome job for me and my Podcast sounds very professional definitely a cut above others doing similar podcasts in New Zealand.

Then I saw a link somewhere on MRC to Mikes videos and I did use Adobe Audition years ago I think 2010 last for my very first basic podcast but, forgot how to use it. So now I want to learn everything I can!!


Hey all!

my name is Marnix a SoundDesign student from The Netherlands and I’m here because you can learn from each other. In mine opinion the best way. Last year i’ve worked at VHU Europe (PUREJingles) and currently i make imaging for the station I work (OmroepLEO) and some dj’s.

Currently i enjoy making Power Intro’s but still learning. Only 18 years young.

I’m looking forward to talk to everyone, share information and ofcourse many streams.
(English is not my native language)

  • Marnix

Welcome @Laurie @Marnix and everyone else who is new - doing my best to keep up with new arrivals here - great to have you in the community!

This topic is turning into a great collection of introductions so it’s now called Introduce Yourself!

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Bonjour from France.

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Bienvenue @Le_Studio_Fabrique - good to have you here!

Hi there everyone.

I’m from Denmark.
Have been a DJ back in the days, for many years and now working freelance with Radio Imaging.

I used to use Fl Studio 12 (Yep that is possible to use for jingles) but now I’m looking into Adobe Audition. That why I’m following this great community and stream by Mike.

Thanks in advance for a great time here on the site, and hope to learn alot, and ofcause help out if possible.

Bests from

Jess Pederesn

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A great intro Jess and you are very welcome here! :wave:

Hi everyone… I’m from Cincinnati, Ohio (born and raised in Brooklyn, NY).

I always fancied the sweepers i would hear on the radio, especially on those ZOO stations. Was always fun. I dabbled into trying to create them, but was a real amateur at it (I still am).

I found Mike on youtube a couple of years ago and have watched every video since then Now I take the audio production a but more seriously while having a good time. I am far from perfect but I’ve been able to do some work for some online radio stations (nothing worth noting) I want to continue learning and hope to one day be on the same level as many of you here.

I currently run a Classic Rock Station, and am in the tweaking mode of a new station scheduled to play nothing but 70s pop, rock, funk, disco music.

Hoping we can all learn from each other (and Mike… keep the beard and do not stop making those videos!).

Best to all,
Louis Rivera


Moin everyone,

I’m 17 years old, from Germany and working at a local community radio as technician/producer/presenter in my free time.
I’ve started my radio “career” with 14 years at an English web radio as a presenter and soon Radio Manager but left after 2-3 years.

As producing jingles and sound packages for the radio is just one of my hobbies, I only use Audacity. Mike’s videos make me want to have Adobe Audition, but I cannot afford it at all (plus a monthly payment weren’t worth it as I am not working with it on a daily basis). So gotta stick with Audacity :slight_smile:

Still, I like Mike’s videos and gain a lot of new knowledge that I can use in Audacity also. I am so thankful, that he does this all for free. Keep that up, please!

Have a nice day everyone,


Hello All,

I’m from Eugene, Oregon USA. Radio production has been a passion of mine since I was little when I would do fake radio shows and commercials on my boombox:-) Been doing radio professionally for about 15 years till I quit in 2013. I’ve managed to build my own studio and now do some freelance work. Production will always be my passion and this site has been a godsend! Thank you Mike for all your videos (been a fan for 5 years now) and thanks to everyone on this site as I’m learning so much! You all rawk like diamonds!



Hey T-Bone
I have a friend in Bend who’s a busy music promoter, blues, roots, country.

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Hello to all.

I’m from Mexico, I use to work at a radiostation 25 years ago. I remember making my editings by cutting and putting back together the audio tape when I was at school and later at work. LOL, now it’s all different. I like the channel because now I can “relearn” the stuff I use to enjoy a lot. Now my work has nothing to do with that, but I don’t want to forget. Thanks @Mike for this space so we can stay tune as a group and no as individual
At the time your are Live, I’m at work. I hope someday I can be at a Live Stream. Hugs