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Welcome @Dave_Again, nice to have you here with us…


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Hi there
yasien trabih Netherlands zuidlaren europe
I am a professional beginner inside adobe but
my voice is very bad for voice over’s just like comercial things

hope you can help me

have 0 projects

i like radio podcast shows commercial’s self written songs

Welcome @Yasien_Trabih exactly in what can we help you? Welcome to this great community.


Hi all! Very excited to be a part of this group.

@Mike teached me to be able reaching a high quality without being an audio engineer.

For that reason (and for the reason of being lazy :)) I ve ordered his Audition presets to support him.

Unfortunately I am a little bit scared as Mike or Izabel do not react to me (getting access to the tutorials) But thats another topic.

Im a german, 34 y old radio lover. I just love to try things and LOVE to make jingles.

(BIG SORRY in advance as my english is not perfect)

Nice to be here!

Welcome @MRANSCHU to the community. Nice to have you here!


Good morning everyone,

My name’s Charleston Maddison and I am from Majuro Marshall Islands and I am a huge fan of this community. This is my first time writing here and just wanted to thank each and everyone of you for the awesome sharing of information of many useful techniques that can help one another improve one’s skills in Audio Production. Thank you Mike for all the tutorial videos, they have been playing major roles in the productions that I have been doing. Wish I had all the production gears I needed since everything here is very limited. LOL!! But just gotta work with what I got so far. From Majuro Marshall Islands, my family and I wish everyone a FANTASTIC weekend!! Cheers!

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Welcome @FairyCherub, nice to have you in here. Remember, the gear helps, but what’s important, is what you can do with your creativity. Welcome to this community.



Thank you @Juanmapinker. Will remember that!!

Hi everyone, I was told about this place as I am struggling with a number of issues regarding doing home recordings, live streams, using OBS, etc.
I got told it was a great place to come and find advice from others, but I’m not really sure where to start or what the etiquette is. I’ve also got a million questions, so not really sure which to ask first, except for - today I was about to buy a microphone stand and/or boom.
I have just purchased a blue yeti for use with the videos I create, but now I need some kind of way to attach it so that it is above my head and off camera.
I found some mic booms on amazon that looked really cheap, but surely it can’t be that easy.
For those interested, my youtube channel is so you can see the kind of thing I create.

Welcome @PaulGrogan, here you find help from a Huge group of people. I’m surge you will find this place ver y useful.

Hi everyone. First time poster to the community. I work in a small primary school and run our school’s radio station, so I get to produce and enjoy putting together the imaging. Looking forward to picking up tips and tricks from others with vastly more experience.


Welcome to the community @irockey. Nice to have you here!


I must @irockey say I’m slightly jealous, I was always into radio as a child and I’m jealous your pupils have a school radio that I never had!

Welcome to the community

Hi there. As a rookie this community system here feels for me as complicated and hard to understand as the software ;-). Did not not where to write these lines so please excuse me when it’s the wrong one.

I bought the software in the weekend and will annoy you with my first question later today. Don’t worry it will happen very soon :wink:

Greeetings from Germany
TurnToStone (yes, I love ELO) :slight_smile:

A warm welcome to the community @TurnToStone - it’s great to have you here!

What software did you buy? I’m curious to know what you’ll soon be asking questions about in here :slight_smile:

Hi Mike,

I bought Adobe Audition CC.

Great, you have come to the right place!

Make sure to post all your Adobe Audition questions in this place:

We’ll do our best to help!

Good evening all.
I joined here after doing one of Mike’s masterclasses today.
I do a couple of shows for hospital radio and want to improve my knowledge and speed up how long its takes me to do my recordings

Hi @Rustytoon a warm welcome! Thanks for showing up at my masterclass yesterday. It’s great to have you here :slight_smile:

We were chatting on Twitter and you were asking about feedback on your equipment setup. Feel free to post a topic in here about it.

You may also find my equipment list and 2019 update of help.

Hi Mike , I am Gary from Radio Lichfield. I own and run Radio Lichfield here in the U.K., Staffordshire. I’m new to audition having used audacity and MIXX as content creators and as DAW.

Hoping to learn lots more about audio and the correct ways of producing