How to make an audio loud as another

I have a piece of audio that sounds great, in terms of quality and volume, then I have another piece of audio which isn’t so good, how do I make it sound similar to the good audio?

Welcome @lisa great to have you here. Could you please upload the files?

Hi @Lisa Welcome here, If you mean that one audio file is to loud and the other to soft (say less in DB) There is a similar topic here: Getting mp3s to be the same volume

If the audio is bad in sound, crackling background noise and so on, maybe the explanation from me in this topic can help you out: Remove noise old record

I hope this will help you to solve your problem, otherwise please upload , as Mike also said, your files

Hi Lisa, Audio loudness is not as straightforward as it sounds to analyse, its measured in ‘LUFs’ . A common standard for many podcasts etc is -16 LUFS. You can measure the loudness in some DAWS with a plug in, or check it at
You can also get your files made automatically to -16LUFs using a web service like
Audyllic will also subtly re equalise the sound if it is lacking or has too much high or low frequencies. if you want to preserve the dynamics use the Classical presets, or choose one of the others if you want to increase the density and allow the track to ‘punch through’ and equalise the levels of individual words and phrases that are too high or low.