Remove noise old record

Hi Guys, i found some old records(years 1940 to 1950) but when I play the record on the turntable, a lot of noise, so I made a digital recording in WAV(the samples here are mp3) of those and have tried several ways to remove the noise, or at least to reduce the noise.
Step 1 was to search a part in the recording with only noise, select it and use the effect noise reduction, captured the noise print, selected the whole file and yes there was less noise but still to much.
Second step was the use of the FFT filter and made it so that almost all of the noise was gone, but the sound of the whole got darker.

So my question: is there a possibility to remove/reduce the noise without loosing the bright sound of the recording.

The files(only about 30 seconds from the whole track and all the same part of the track, Language is Dutch… sorry :smiley:

Original recording: orig-file.mp3

Noise remove: noise remove-file.mp3

After FFT filter: FFT filter-file.mp3


It may be worth for you to try and use a tool such as Descript-Studio Sound. We have covered it in detail here:

I am not sure if it will work on sung audio but worth a try!

Another thing worth a try is using this tool first (another video for you here): How To Remove Vocals From a Song for FREE! - YouTube
isolating vocals - applying the effects you have applied to the whole thing and adding the vocals back into the mix. It may save some of the audio degradation on music that way.

Let us know how you get on!

Hi Izabela,

Thanks for your reply! I will try the two links and see if I can boost up the old recordings.
That will not be earlier than wednesday, tonight and tomorrow night I’ll be in the radio studio to broadcast live here in my hometown Waalwijk(Netherlands).

Here you can listen how I made my broadcastings in Audition:
Mixcloud channel Dj Pablo

Last show uploaded last Weekend : Halloween

Thanks @Dj-Pablo - that sounds good - let me know how you get on and thanks for sharing the link to the show - will tune in!

Hi , I have played around with the descript tool…it did not worked for me , although it is a fantastic tool! Also the other one Moises. Maybe I will use that later , perfect tool to created jingles. Back to my “little” noise problem… I found a solution within Audition, and it is easier than I thought before! In principle I did the same as before but did not use the FFT filter, only the noise reduction and played around with the settings. See the image below.

What I did is to put the green dots over the yellow dots and listen carefully if i slide it up or down, best result was when the green and the yellow dots are almost equal.
Finally at the clean file I only gave it a small stereo effect.

Original recording:

After using the noise filter clean output:

Thanks for your suggestions and helping me out what to do and what not!

Thanks for sharing @Dj-Pablo - it definitely sounds much much better - well done for tackling it and sharing with us all :slight_smile:

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