Compression & Mic Prosessing

I recently asked Mike to perhaps make a video regarding settings used for both compressors and mic processors for an internet radio station.

He suggested i do a post regarding this on the forum so here it is.

More so for internet streaming ( using BUTT software) but i guess would apply to any station. Even basic settings that individuals can tweak.

This is for my home studio . I use a DBX 286 Mic Processor and a DBX 266 Compressor.

Any advice or settings would be really appreciated.


Thanks for positing @ProperJB.

What kind of sound are you looking to achieve? I have a basic setup tutorial for the dbx 286s on my channel.

Are you looking for an FM radio style of compression? Perhaps you want all the audio to be at the same level on your internet radio station.

Tell more and we’ll be happy to help :slight_smile:

HI Mike - Im just away to watch that video.

I would just like a nice crisp sound but thats its nice & loud. I present an 80’s show and my style is up tempo / feel good kind of vibe. One thats in your face and just makes you wanna dance.

Sounds corny i know however i dont believe in playing music that isnt uplifting and i want the sound to reflect this.



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Adobe Audition may not be the best tool for the job @ProperJB.

You’ll likely want some real time EQ for your microphone channel.

This is what I have running on my chain for my productions.

Audio-Technica AT4033aSM > dbx 286s > Soundcraft Signature 12 MTK

dbx 286s

The dbx 286s mic processor and preamp adds compression, noise gate and a little EQ enhancement to the bass and treble on my microphone.

Soundcraft Signature 12 MTK

There’s more dbx goodness on this mixing desk to ensure you don’t peak. The EQ is also great on most Soundcraft desks. Always look to make sure you get bass, mid, high and the bonus mid range frequency selector dial.

Would you like to see me walk through some EQ settings for live broadcast? You should suggest it as a live show idea :slight_smile: