What's the Best Microphone for YouTube?

I get asked this often during my YouTube live streaming sessions, “Mike, what microphone are you using?”

The answer is the Audio Technica AT4033aSM.

It’s a studio condenser microphone and has served me well since 2012. It’s survived a couple of house moves intact and comes with a lovely shock mount (that’s what the SM bit stands for). You need to purchase a boom arm separately and I highly recommend doing so.

So why do I use the Audio Technica AT4033a microphone for my YouTube streaming?

  • The sound is crisp and beautiful one of the best mics I’ve spoken into for the price.
  • I can also place the microphone just out of shot and it picks me up perfectly.
  • It’s used at radio stations. Many of the radio stations I’ve worked at have an AT4033 or two.
  • There is a low cut switch right on the mic. Great if you have planes, trains or cars zooming by.
  • Durable - it has stood the test of time for me.

I recommend you have a fairly quiet room to stream from as this microphone is sensitive and will pick up more than a dynamic microphone would.

Not only is this the best microphone for YouTube, in my opinion, it is also great for vocals and voice over production too. I use it to voice all of the jingles I make at Music Radio Creative.

What microphone are you using and why is it the best for you? Let me know!


Looks great Mike. Very Pro.


What is your go to mic? I use an sm7b. Thanks Mike


Depending of who am I recording and what I need I use At4050, AKG C414, Sure SM7B, AT3035 (have these two for backup), oldy but goldy Sennheiser MD 441u. Most of times I use first two AT4050 for station voices, and AKG for commercials.

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I love my Rode NT1 and the NT1A!

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I’m currently using the Focusrite Scarlett Studio CM25

I’m thinking about upgrades and considering one of

  • SE Electronics X1 s
  • Rode Procaster
  • AT2020

For SE I’m not sure, I have two procasters, very good for the money, but they need a lot of gain and that turns up noise from electronics in your sound card. I would try to find AT3035 used on ebay. Made in Japan and better than AT2020.


Thanks Saba. Ebay could be a good idea

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MXL 990 is a great entry-level mic below the 100$ range.

I have one, and it’s not good. It’s harsh in top end, muddy in low, and I must admit it was mistake to buy it.

Hello Saba,

That’s too bad you’ve had such a bad experience with the MXL. This hasn’t been my experience at all. For myself, the mic has a really rich tone and compliments my voice well with no muddiness. On some voice projects I’ve chosen this mic over my SM7B. I still would recommend this mic to anyone just starting out, or on a tight budget looking for a decent sounding mic.



There is always an option that I got one with bad components, best thing would be to mod it to U87 :smiley:

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I use the ebay99

Anything that works for you?

I am currently using the following for different reasons.

This one sounds great for me : Rode NT USB