Best Soundboard App for Podcasting?

I’m curious to hear suggestions on soundboard apps to play audio during a podcast or live stream.

What are you using to play sound effects, jingles and music beds? Bonus points if you can loop beds, play multiple sounds and trigger it from easy access hotkeys!

I’ve personally used i-jingle webcaster myself for years. I’m very happy with the cool layout and “radio station” look of the app. It also works with iOS and Android.

I plug this in via a spare fader on my Soundcraft Signature 12 MTK mixer. I’d be interested to know if there are any decent Mac or PC soundboard apps used by anyone here?

Been loving Soundboard Studio - it allows looping! Also an iOS app.

App looks amazing! Is it worth the price tag?

What else can it do that’s a great value add in addition to looping @crossbowstudio?

Hey @Mike, you can set each track to stop any other tracks when played, or to be able to be played at the same time as the current track. You can also adjust the volume of each track in app. You can also group tracks on different boards, so you have some flexibility in organizing your clips. And I find it really convenient to be able to import clips from Dropbox folders, so clip management is a little more streamlined as well.

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Oh, and I’m not sure if you can do this on iJingle, but you can connect clips in sequences, so you can have one play after another. Any automation helps the one-man show…

Amazingly helpful app!

Anything worth checking out for Mac or Windows?

I did a review of how the stream deck can be used as an awesome hotkey soundboard recently but interested to hear if there are any dedicated apps for desktops? for PC desktop.

Great suggestion! I wish there was a PC soundboard app that looked a little less Windows 3.1 however :rofl:

You should see the wife!
DOS6.2 but with a heart of gold.

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Does anyone know of a good soundboard for Windows?

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Hi @Bjorn! Check out the suggestions in this thread including a Windows based soundboard suggestion from @The_Tone_Arranger.

For Windows, I like PlayIt Cartwall. It is a simple soundboard that does the job.