Batch Change narration speed for Bible Podcast

A elderly friend of mine would love to get the Bible on a usb. I came across a podcast where this is done in 365 days. However the narrator in question speaks to fast. Using Spotify I could easily change the playback speed to 0.8 which was perfect for her. But she doesn’t have a smartphone or know how to use one and is very happy with a usb Bluetooth speaker which she had been using for some years now to play other audiobooks and files.
So how can I batch change the speed of all 365 audio files. Whether I try searching on YouTube I just get this which is definitely not what I’m trying to do

Hi Marcus, this looks like a lot of work but I think the best solution is to do one file, record the steps for batch processing. So for the steps to record you use the explanation from mike. (

Here in this forum I earlier explained how to record a batch processing of your own:

Hope this will help you to do the job quicker.

Thanks but this podcast is done by Fr Mike Schmitz Bible in a Year and I have no contact with him. Did you mean to record the podcasts again? That’s impossible. You can go to Google and search for Fr Mike Schmitz Bible in a Year and you will see what it is I’m trying to slow down.

Try the Batch Process effect in Adobe Audition on all your files. You’d want to add the “Stretch and Pitch” effect with the settings you need (e.g. 80% speed). Hope it helps!