Batch process 900 audio files to have the same overall volume

I’ve seen and tried so many Windows programs to try to resolve this, but to NO avail.

My sister have a USB stick of all sorts of music for use in her car. The player in the car does NOT understand any TAGS in audio file headers to affect the volume of files, so the files need to be re-rendered to the required volume so that she is NOT having to change the volume on the car stereo for different tracks. Some are louder than others…like AC\DC, INXS…etc…others like Neil Young, John Denver…a WIDE range of music. How can I do this…or…do I have to resign myself to going through each one individually and tweak its volume and render it out…?

Hi Lindsay,

Some while ago I explained here how to do this on another topic inside this forum with use of Adobe Audition.
Search for Getting mp3 to be the same volume, or click this link below:

-1 db is what I use for broadcasting, but you can set it lower for use on a car mp3-radio player, say for example -6 db. You can not put all 900 files at the same time to convert, maximum on my system is 50 to 60 files at once.

Hope this will help you to set the volume levels.

To make all the tracks on your USB stick play at the same volume, you can use a program like Adobe Audition. Dj-Pablo already suggested using the “Normalize” feature in Adobe Audition to set the maximum loudness for each track. You can also use the batch process function to normalize multiple tracks at once. It’s a great feature that can help with your 900 files! I talk about batch processing in this video - it may help: