Adding sound effects to podcast using Blue Yeti mic

I produce a bi-weekly podcast and I’m trying to incorporate sound effects. I’m on a Windows PC, using a Blue Yeti Mic. I have the X and a Pro. My mixing software is Adobe Audition. I’d like to be able to use live sound effects as I record, rather than adding them in post production. Is this possible with USB mics? Can USB mics be used with external sound cards, where I’d be able to press a button on a board for sound effects? I’ve searched online for months and I haven’t been able to find a workaround or a solution.


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Hi Jamie

The simple answer is no. You’d need a mixing desk to do this as you’d need a way of incorporating the sound effects in.

Also, if you are intending or having them live in the recording I’d recommend a mixer that records multitrack so if you make a mistake with one you can easily take it back out.

If you’re recording and editing before publication the easiest option is to add the sound effect in post production.

@markdenholm is right here. It’s not possible out of the box with a USB microphone.

The most elegant solution would be to use a mixer like the RØDECaster Pro as it has sound effect buttons included that work perfectly.

You could use a software sound board but would need to route it through to record inside Adobe Audition live using software like Loopback.

You could also use an Elgato Stream Deck for sound effects (which is what I currently use) however you’d either need a mixer of something like Loopback to properly route and record the audio live.