Zealsound k66 microphone


i have issues with having my audios being rejected from an online platform for problems of white noise that i cant hear nor correct “please remove the white noise before adding the music. The static can currently be heard overpowering the music.” since i bought the professionnal mic zealsound k66 eventhough i put it at the top my sound is low -30db and i have to enhance it digitally to reach a minimum of -24db
i edit with adobe audition and rx elements

i dont know if i position myself badly with the mic, i use headsets and when i come to the mic and i force my voice loudness i can reach -24db

if i have a good mic at -24db without forcing, i wont need to do volume leveler or match loudness in adobe audition and maybe i wont have the whitenoise behind the words
my question is do u think that i need to change my mic?

RAW https://youtu.be/Yr792kI-WgA