YouTube Live: Questions and Answers Lower Third Generator

Today on the live stream I had the opportunity to test out a web app that @OleHenrik has been developing. It generates lower thirds from YouTube Live chat questions. The questions are flagged by a moderator (or producer) and then the host can choose which to answer on their live stream.

Look at how cool it is:

A beautiful static webpage with lower third is generated and updates for each question selected. The lower third includes YouTube username, avatar and the chat question itself.

The static webpage can easily be added to streaming software like OBS Studio using the BrowserSource overlay. This app is a great way to increase interaction on any YouTube Live stream.

Watch me using it on a live stream here:

It’s also completely free and open-source. It’s still very much in beta so if you know some code and can help please contribute back to the project on GitHub.

Otherwise, enjoy and leave a reply if you decide to try it out for yourself or need any help getting it working!

@OleHenrik you are awesome! :+1:


Thank you @Mike!

I will as always be monitoring this community and this thread, so any questions you ask regarding the app will be answered ASAP!


It did look great. Will have to check it out.

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I am trying to set it up now. I am currently looking for my youtube data key

Take a look at the Google API Console @tjsunderhaus. You want to enable the YouTube Data API and generate a key from there.

The youtube data key is a part of the youtube API, here are instructions for obtaining one:


Trust me to be in the example lol

With a brilliant question like that? Of Course!

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Alright! After almost a month of absence, i have returned. The school came and sucked up all of my time, things are however calming down, as I will have a 1-week vacation from school next week, and I will have more free time after that as well, which brings me to the good news:

I have a plan for the Questions and Answers system; I hope to rewrite parts of the base code to make it work better with the youtube API than it does at present. After that, i want to remove any remaining bugs and quirks before I move on to the more significant functionality changes like:

  • Making the UI work better for both live streaming teams and those who stream on their own.
  • Adding a more secure system, using Google Logins.
  • Adding support for other streaming services, like twitch and facebook.
  • Improve the general code, as right now it is a bit messy and all over the place.
  • And at some point, i would like to make it possible to easily add custom datasets to easily generate lower thirds from a list of presets you have made.

Here’s where all of you come in, seeing as how I will be tearing a lot of the app apart to fix things and improve it, now is a great time to suggest other changes to further improve on the app! The best way to suggest new features is to post them on the GitHub issues tracker here: But feel free to post them here and I will do my best to pay attention to them.

On a slightly unrelated note, I hope to once again be active on the forum and at least for the next week be active on the stream!


Welcome back @OleHenrik!

Going to take a good look at it myself and maybe something might come to me. Keep up the good work.

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Welcome back @OleHenrik, nice to see you again. I was wondering where were you the other day! I think we all can make a little contribution to the project.


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A warm welcome back @OleHenrik!

I’ve slacked on usage of the lower third generator recently. I do look forward to getting it back up and running with some new changes - how exciting :slight_smile: