Youtube lag on Izabela's audio

Lagging when you first cut to her.

2 dropouts towards the end.

Let’s see if YT audio playback captures it.

Cue point: "One more pretty VIEW of Izabela "

Clipping on “VIEW”

And then 2 dropouts follow.

Did you put all your cameras and mixer outs with Wirecast on a separate streaming PC?


Thanks for keeping eyes and ears on this @The_Tone_Arranger.

I finally decided to ditch NDI (for audio) completely. Too many drop outs and sync issues. My challenge was getting the audio safely and quickly to the other room (where our streaming PC resides). I finally solved it with this awesome bit of kit.

One ethernet cable (Cat 6 or above) is all that is required for it to carry USB, HDMI and even audio signals with no latency.

The real test will be tomorrow on the live stream! :wink:

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I don’t know why you’re still messing around with this. I’d have hired a skip by now.
I’ve been doing this long enough to know that you start off with a professional installation.
The technician will ensure enough headroom and will remotely monitor and alter load balance to suit optimum performance.