Youtube Gaming, OBS, Audition

My partner and I are planning on starting Youtube Gaming and some podcast style of things.

I have a Rode Procaster mic and he an Audix om2 microphone we have a focusrite Scarlett 2i2 and have recently gotten Adobe Premier and Audition.

I also have a goxlr but that’s just for me.

We use OBS while live streaming but this is done on two separate PC’s.

When we are in the same room though and playing together we would be roughly 4-6feet apart. We are wondering Should we record via OBS and separate the audio then edit in post using Premier or Audition

Or are there any particular settings and plugins people could recommend to minimise any mic bleed/echo that could be set up in audition prior to recording.

Thank you, we are both new to this.

Any mic bleed is much better reduced in post production rather than live recording so don’t worry too much about plugins to reduce this.

I’d say do all you can to reduce bleed possibilities before hitting record. Space as far a part as possible, point mics in different directions etc.

One piece of equipment you could consider is the dbx 286s - you’d need two of these (one for each mic) and you’ll get a great gate on each mic virtually eliminating mic bleed while recording.

Okay so with that said then edit in audition and put the audio into premier or do all edit into premier

Hello Mike just a little bump here as this will be for let’s play videos with two people in the same room on two different microphones we would generally record using Nvidia or OBS. So would we then transfer this along with the audio into Premier or would you suggest to record to Audio in Audition and then sync everything together in Adobe Premier? There would of course be 3 lines of audio one for the game the other two for my voice and that of my partner so when it is put into premier this would already be sorted.