Who said Adobe audition is not for music?

Hello everyone. This topic is to demonstrate that audition can work also with music. I record the vocals because the multitrack I already have it, mix and master every single track(more than 10) plus busses, sends, etc all in audition. Eq, compressors etc to get the final result that I will show you in here. At the end I made a video using premiere and stock images that are totally royalty free and proper mention. I got the mechanic license and then the synchronization license for the video. I publish it on my YouTube channel that I just started. So I want to share it with you and start a discussion from it. I know for sure that with the next update of audition, it will be more ‘EASY’ so here it is and if you want to support my tiny channel I will thank you in advance. Thanks @Mike for everything. By the way, I am the one singing so feel free to make critics LOL

Comfortably Numb



No one have comments?

Amazing, what great singing vocals @Juanmapinker and a track I absolutely love too!

It’s also a good use of stock video and editing on the visuals too. Great work :smiley:

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Thank you so much. And the thing to tell it’s that all was made in Adobe Audition. Many people think that AA it’s not for music but here is the proof.

Thanks @Mike