What Microphone Is Used in Movies or TV?

@Mike do you or would you know what type of mic they use for a boom mic in tv or movies?

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I can’t speak for professional TV and movie studios and what microphones they use.

I do have experience of recording at the YouTube Space in London. If my memory serves me correctly the boom mic available to use there is this one:

Wireless microphone transmitter and receiver packs are also used heavily in video production.

I’m pretty sure they were manufactured by Sennheiser up at YouTube… the SK100 variety I believe.

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@Joe_Salmi I know it’s not exactly for that purpose, but I make my recordings in a booth for later sync with the video. For that I use the AKG C 214, it’s great, but you cannot use it for outdoors. You can use the Shotgun Mic VidPro XM88, or the Audiotechnica Shotgun Mic. Cost ~100 ~150 DLLS


hey man thanks, I’ll look into it. We’re going to be needing something soon here so I thought I would start looking.

Each scene in a Movie has a cue sheet and the sound design team work off it to decide how best to record the sound. They hire in anything they need including dollies, tracking cranes and booms and microphone. Recordings made on a soundstage have a closer proximity to the source and reduces the use of cardioids for short range.


They use lectrosonics to make movies, tv shows and live events. Their thing is wireless mics and have won an Academy award for their technology.