What is best to use

As a content curator, I work for several hours curating audio/video and I end up having my ears paining me as a result of the headphone I use. What kind of Headphone do you recommend that can give me all the comfort I want for the duration I spend using it?

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That’s a really good question and I have had issues like this before too. I now use AKG K271MkII - I like that they come with interchangeable pads (you can choose from leather ones and the soft ones) and the wire can be either long and straight or curled up to stop it from getting in the way. In terms of comfort I would rate them 8/10 - they serve me well during 4h live stream. I likely couldn’t wear them for more than that though!

Headphones are a very personal choice. The only rule is make sure you are using professional monitoring headphones rather than consumer listening headphones to make sure you’re hearing your work uncoloured.

Your choices are in ear, on ear or over ear. For longer periods I’d recommend over ear as they’re not pressing on your ears but as I say it’s a personal choice.

I’ve used the DT100 which aren’t the lightest but I’ve used them for years now for both radio and production. I know there’s newer lighter models which may suit your comfort levels better but I find the fact they’re over ear means I can wear them for long periods comfortably.

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I’ve been a radio DJ and audio editor for decades. I’ve gone through numerous headphones. I concur that over the ear are the best for long periods of time.

About two years ago, I came across a new company, Status Audio. They have about 6 models, I decided to try out a pair and haven’t looked back. I have their CB-1 model. Very comfortable and pro level sound