What do others use for invoicing clients and are there any good places to find templates

Wife of a VO and I’m getting into a bigger role on the business side of things and looking for suggestions for platforms pertaining to payment, invoicing, and anyone’s input on quicken vs quickbooks.

A warm welcome to the community @Misswoody.

We use Xero (I think @Izabela will confirm) although that may be too much. I’ve heard good things about FreshBooks although I’m sure there will be other voiceovers in here who will offer their suggestions.

Once you register with Revenue as self-employed, sole-trader, partner or limited company, your accountant will advise on a preferred method of bookkeeping between all parties. Online submissions of accounts and payment to Revenue are preferred.

Mike -much appreciate the advice but our business is not yet at a place that requires an outside accountant at this time. We are looking more for a platform that incorporates PayPal along with a way to keep financials easily and seamlessly.

Paypal for business offers an invoicing system.
A financial consultant can advise you of the best way to go regarding commercial and broadcasting rights if your talent is to be used in a commercial application for profit or you use copyright material in your productions.
Worth checking out once you issue invoices.

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Thank you for the advice