Weird noises and swooshes with your mouse

Hi everyone! I found a website were you can generate swooshes and other different sound fx online that can be use for radio imaging. Look at the top right of the page for simple instructions. The only thing is that you have to record it directly from your computer because it does not have an export or record tool.




Just out of curiosity is there anything else similar that could do this?

Just can’t believe this website is first to do something like this.

Hi @Macula! At this time, this is what I found just surfing on the web. I think there will be more, so if you find something please share my friend. Team effort, that is one of the things that in this community are trying to get. Cheers

This can be a great use of time for generating those crazy whooshes and building risers. Great find @Juanmapinker!