Waves Tune and Re-wire in Adobe Audition

I purchased the Waves Tune plugin, and now I found out that I can’t use most of the plugin’s functions in its window because the “ReWire link cannot be established”, according to the error message. This means there is no way to fine-tune your auto-tune with Waves Tune’s native functions because Adobe is not supporting “ReWire”. I have looked to Adobe Support, and numerous people have asked about them bringing back ReWire support since at least 2014. Does anyone know a workaround, or a way to get ReWire working?

Hello @worldfamousrahim, I found this in one Adobe forum. Hope it works
Adobe forum cheers

Thanks so much. I found out that even though Waves Tune mentions that the link to ReWire failed, it is not necessary for it to be working in Audition. Kind of like when I lived in Virginia, at the auto mechanic shop one day, and I was told that the catalytic converter was bad. The mechanic stated “Virginia state law requires the catalytic converter has to be on the car, but they don’t say it has to work, so take the car through inspection anyway”. Thanks for your help. I appreciate that.


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You’re welcome and great you find a solution @worldfamousrahim