Waves De Breath Plug In

does anyone know if this can be used in the multi-track? So far I have only been able to use it destructively in the wav form

Hi @David, yes you can. I have in several mixes without a problem. What’s your workflow in the multitrack panel?


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its a podcast - host track as mono, music, then jingles. I tried to add a mono bus, but it still would not work.

Thanks again


Try to use it directly in the vox track not in a bus.

I quote from the user manual:
To get started, insert DeBreath onto your vocal track. When you play audio
through the plug-in, DeBreath will automatically begin looking for breaths.
Next, you should evaluate the detection quality, to see if DeBreath is making the
choices you like. Solo the vocal track in your workstation, then use the Monitor
switch to choose between Voice path and Breath path. This way you can hear
what you’re removing or what you are keeping to determine if you need further
adjustments of the Breath or Energy thresholds, or the Fade In/Out constants.
Here’s how. Set the Monitor switch to Breath. If your breath detection settings
are correct, you should hear only breaths, with no pitched sounds. The Voice
path should be effectively free of breath sounds. Use particularly problematic
breath segments to fine-tune the detections settings, then re-check the entire take
to make sure you are not over- or under-detecting. Repeat this procedure –
balancing the severe breaths with the average program breaths - to perfect your
detection parameters.

I hope this helps


hi - I have sort of solved this now, but wanted to check with you guys. I had a hosts voice in a multitrack session which I wanted to debreath with the plugin. I opened it in wave for, converted to mono and destructively applied it there. It worked fine using that work flow, but I could not get it to work in the multitrack (even when the track was converted to mono) effects rack. Is there something I could have done to make it work in the multitrack?

If you convert the waveform to mono but are still inserting it into as stereo multitrack track this may cause issues.

As you have mentioned @David DeBreath is a mono plugin and on stereo audio will only affect the left hand channel.