Waveform Audio different to Multi-track

Hello everyone, I am editing a podcast and in the waveform I have de-noised one of my tracks and cant hear a single thing which is what I wanted, however when I’ve finished with it (yes I did save it), and I go and hear it on the multitrack it sounds like the edit has only been minimal on the multitrack and it sounds like a massive gasp sometimes. Please help me with this, thank you

Hey @Danielabba,

What presets are you using and could you attach a before & after?

I think some effects in the voice track might be to harsh which might be making raise soft audio.

@Mike will be able to help you out further :slight_smile:

Sorry I’m new to the editing game, however, If I am correct, I’m currently using no presets. However i have seen that Mike does provide a free preset

Sorry I misinterpreted what you meant. I have no presets set on the podcast template and I am editing normally and this is happening

Hi Daniel,

Unfortunately it’s hard to trouble shoot something like this as waveform editing is very destructive and also doesn’t leave a trace of edits - so you can’t see what went wrong. I would suggest switching to multitrack editing instead - as it’s a non destructive form which enables you to also see all the changes and find issues if there are any.

It will also depend on what is inside the multitrack - does the track you are using to preview the work have any presets on it? That could impact the final result.

Could you post a preview of before/after of the edit? When we hear it it’s easier to hear what it could be.

Sorry nit very promising reply but given the information you provided that’s all I can think of!

Hi Daniel

Why denoise in the waveform if you intend to edit in multitrack? Put the denoise in the first effects rack slot for the track.

Word of warning, don’t go too harsh on the denoise effect or you’ll end up with horrible washed out phasey audio.

Hopefully you’ve kept a clean copy of the original fine to start again with so this time I would suggest putting denoise (if you must use it, it’s not something I’d ever use on any of my recordings) first in your effects rack then applying EQ and light compression.

Hello Mark, with the EQ and light compression suggestion, how can I do this?

Hi @Danielabba I would suggest using the FFT filter to roll off the low end and the parametric EQ to fine tune the rest.

Compression for vocals you can get using the dynamics effect. You just want to know the average amplitude from the amplitude statistics window for your threshold and then set the ratio, go no higher than 3:1