VR Music/Audio Panning

Hi Can you tell me if i can pan my own VR Music/Audio for my VR videos in Adobe Audition CC 2019.

This is quite a deep topic. If you’re interested in this you should look up ambisonics or ambisonic audio which is supported in Adobe Audition CC from version 2018 onwards. I made a video about virtual reality audio here:

It’s an introduction to the topic. A great way to see how ambisonic audio sounds and looks inside Audition is to download some. I recommend the Ambisonic Toolkit.

You should also take a look at First-Order ambisonics plugins inside Adobe Premiere Pro. Here’s a Google Support article about these: Google Help

Finally Adobe help has an article about assembling ambisonic audio too.

  1. How do get a ambsonic static to a normal 2D or 3D video and save it in premiere pro 2020
  2. How to setup headphones ambsonic WXYZ form speaker mapping settings menu in Adobe Audition 2020 using only a stereo headphones.

Tim mitsuperboy