Voice Processing with dbx 286s

So, I have DBX 286s and it works good but I don’t understand one thing. How are Djs (radios) managing to speak in A big distance to their microphones and eq, bass, the microphone quality changes just a bit and I don’t hear any keyboard or walking sound. What pre-amps can they have. Please Help me and can I do the same thing with DBX 286s or I need more equipment?

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Start with a 10 second roomtone sample.
Eliminate fans, A/C, environment, hums, RF.
Use soft touch keyboards, floor treatment.
On the dbx, use agc which compensates for “distance” on a condenser mic
test it’s S/N ratio then eliminate noise floor.

Audition CC has test/sampling facilities.

What you are aiming for is clean sound in a clean environment.

Learn to listen and always trust your ears.