Voice over acting coach recommendation?

Looking for recommendations for a voice over acting coach, with personal testimonials pease. Thank you!

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Hey, duke! Are you looking for a coach who specializes in certain kind of VO genre or a general voiceover coach?

Melanie, mostly commercial work.

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Duke, here are some recommendations:

JMC (one of the best in biz) - https://www.jmcvoiceover.com/coaching/
Marc Cashman - http://cashmancommercials.com/vo-coaching-classes/
GVAA (directory of all kinds of resources, including coaching) - https://globalvoiceacademy.com/personalized-coaching/#commercial-coaching

Melanie, have you personally trained with any of them? I was hoping to find recommendations based on personal experience. Thank you!

No, I haven’t. I would recommend joining the VOPreneur FB group for any and all voiceover recommendations.