Voice distortion- Studio v3 preamp & audition

I have a simple set-up for recording VOs, Conference announcements, Award intros… that sort of thing.

I have new cables, mic, and the ART Studio V3 as shown here, but I get huge crackling and distortion on the voice.

I have triple-checked all of the connections and all seem as they should be.

Do you have any advice please, as to what I should do to get rid of the crackling? I obviously can’t use the system if it comes out like these clips and need to get going on projects?

Thanks for your help in advance, Andy

Thanks Andy and welcome to the community!

Unfortunately there are no clips attached. If you can please link to some audio we can try to help. I did check into your device, having not used it myself, and discovered it can have the tendancy to distort your sound if not correctly set. I found this helpful review that may help:

The Sound is very clean depending on the mic or input device, you may have to ground lift the the device to get rid of the noise. If your input and output are set wrong the device will tend sqaush your signal giving a distorted sound. I would reccomend turning your input to three 3/4 ~25db, and then slow increase the output.

Source: ART Tube MP Studio V3 Preamp User Reviews | zZounds