VO showreel - whaddya think?

Just about to update the imaging showreel on my VO site. All opinions/advice/help/abuse welcome!

Nice !!! Loving the versatility. I would give the ending a little longer fade with bit of reverb, not to finish too abrupt. Good work.


I personally think that you have a lot of creativity and you do your work awesome! Congrats @glenncarey



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@glenncarey wow what a voice. incredible texture to your voice, I love it. tell me how much you charge for VO’s

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Thanks @mikecullen1978. Rates are dependent on where it’s used - from four figures right down to £20 for a community station ad or free if it’s just for fun! There are more samples of my other VO work over at gcvo.co.uk but radio’s my first love. Talking of which I really like your Summer Vibes music bed. Would be great to collaborate on something.