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Greetings everyone…Making my CV and in need of help with How To put video images behind me like some of Mike R. Videos. Also, to put the screen of the laptop which is in front of me up behind me and my video in a small caption like Mike R. Thanks in advance. David, Toronto

Hi @DISCODAVE, you need three things:

  • A green screen (green cloth will do) tela_verde

-OBS software OBS Software

-Broadcast account i.e. Youtube account (optional if you are going to broadcast only)

The green screen goes behind you. In your computer install the OBS software and make the assitant for recording or broadcasting setup procedure.
Once you have the OBS ready you can make a “scene” with the setups that you like: Screen capture, window capture (for program or navigator), your camera, etc. There are tutorials at the OBS site or google it.

In order to have your navigator or app on screen you have to set the internal graphics for example on chrome, because if you have a GPU for the navigator and the OBS on internal graphics, the screen will show black.

You can do several scenes to switch between them when you broadcast or record. One issue that you may have is that when you make a second, third or whatever number scene and you put a camera, you have to set it as an existing one… meaning, use the same as the first, don’t select add new one because the software will take it as an another device and you will find another black screen.

Regarding the green screen, in OBS you have the option to have a chroma key as a filter:
1.-Go to your video capture device, right click and select filters.
2.-Once in that screen go to the left, in a blank area, right click and select add. It will show you a menu. Select Chroma key and follow the instructions.

Hope this helps @DISCODAVE


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