Using video to get people to hear my audio - this way didn't work as well

Promo for 4 New York just in time for the 2008 Olympics (ancient copy).

I’m very interested in using video to get people to hear my audio. A recent video I shared garnered terrific response when I uploaded it as a Facebook video to my personal account. New customers called. We did the Money Dance (my four year-old and I dance whenever money comes or new customers are signed).

I voice a handful of radio stations and am seeking my first TV affiliate. However, in this video unlike the priors, I didn’t produce the audio and insert it into the video so that the viewer saw me saying the words they were hearing. I must say this didn’t work as well. People seem to respond better if the audio and video is coordinated.

Just my thoughts.

I encourage those of you producing audio that you voice - to video yourself, produce the audio and insert the audio into the video. I think you’ll be surprised at the response you get when you put it out there.

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In related news…If anybody knows of a place to get current TV affiliate copy I would love to find a source for that!

This is a cool promo and deserves more attention but I feel the shaky video doesn’t do it justice. Although your facial expressions and enthusiasm are awesome :smiley:

I’ve considered uploading audio with generated audio waveforms in Adobe After Effects. I just wish there was a method to generate these kinds of videos quickly and en masse!