Using Rodecaster for Voice tracking

Hi all

I am a voice tracker for various stations, I produce pre-recorded whole shows as well as voice tracking on Myriad RVT and Station playlist

I brought a Maonocaster thinking this will be a good bit of kit, however I am getting loop back when using it with playit voice track to make whole shows and on Myriad, I have worked out it’s listening to the whole mix I am working round this by monitoring through the PC and recording into the mic so it’s not listening through the maonocaster

What I need to do is be able to monitor my voice, so I was wondering if I upgraded to a Rodecaster pro, using the USB mix minus function would I then be able to voice track into Myriad for instance hear the last few seconds of the song speak and it not loop back the song? I don’t want to spend £500 for it to loop back!

Hi @Lee_Everest! You’ll find that the RØDECaster Pro is a multitrack desk. This means you can select each fader as a separate input. If this is the case you may select in your Myriad software to only record the microphone 1 channel.

I do something similar in Audition with my Soundcraft Signature 12 MTK mixer and it works a treat every time!

I’m having similar problems. Also getting a skip in some of my tracks at the beginning.

Have a look at this, recommended by Broadcast Radio themselves as working with Myriad