User Presets and Screen Layout Backup in Audition

My Adobe Audition recently developed a problem which ultimately needed a full re-install.

Fortunately I had retained copies of the script macros I had written, as Audition lets you save these as files in the .scp format.

Luckily I had also grabbed a screenshot of one vital self-created EQ Preset which I use all the time.

Otherwise, all other presets I had created myself (Compression/Hiss Reduction, EQ etc) were all lost, as was the screen layout I had spent ages honing for the Edit screen.

I’m usually pretty good at backing up personal settings etc, but was still quite new to Audition when this happened so hadn’t quite got to it.

What i’d like to know is whether personal presets and other customisations can be saved and backed up, (either individually or all in one process), so that they can easily be re-instated if you have to re-install the software.

Many Thanks
Chris Pitchford

Hey @mcaudio2006, are you on PC?

If so, the best way I find is to copy the “Audition” folder in your user app data folder.


In there you will have a few folders, we are currently on version 22 so that would be the folder you copy. The “Workspace” folder inside the “22” folder contains the layout, and I think the file “Favorites” are your presets in the effect rack :slight_smile:

Hope that helps!

Thanks very much, I will certainly keep a backup of that structure from now on, although it doesn’t appear to contain much for my old version 3.0.


I’ve searched the rest of my C:\ but looks like version 3.0 didn’t contain many of the xml/ini config files which your latest version does.

Best Wishes

@Bjorn has a great answer here for PC backup and restore of Adobe Audition.

Adobe Audition 3.0 is a different beast altogether. I often backup all my presets and settings in a multitrack session file. A multitrack .sesx file (believe it or not) is the best way I’ve found of easily transfering settings from one computer to another without digging into directories and files.

Many thanks Mike.

I haven’t used .ses files much yet, as I thought they only saved all the currently loaded files in their current state.

So when you open your .ses file in Audition on say another PC, would you then see the screen layouts and pre-sets you have saved on the original machine, e.g. for things like EQ, Compression etc ?

Best Wishes

You’re welcome. Yes, it will save audio files in a session but if you have presets (such as EQ, compression etc.) these will all be saved on each track.

You may save an empty .sesx session file (no audio files included) to backup and transfer just your audio preset settings.

It won’t save any screen layouts however. That’s what Workspaces are for in Adobe Audition. Here’s some detail on that (from 5:02 in this video)