Underwater Sounds raw and unprocessed - upcoming show today

Hi Mike, do you maybe want to use some underwater sounds, recorded with GoPro and underwater case … raw and unprocessed? Feel free to use it … but I can not upload as a new user …

Upload is not activated for me yet, here is a wav and mp3 file to load …


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Amazingly good and relevant. I’ll use these today @piitciia!

Hey Mike, thank you, I am proud of it if you’ll use it. :star_struck: Did you get it downloaded, shure, otherwise I can upload it maybe somewhere else.

By the way: ChicasSwimFast - is the name of our private AmateurSwimTwinTeam consisting of my twin sister and me (nobody else) - we have started this FunProjekt 2016 for our own leisure time, maybe we need a jingle … :wink: … we did not dare to publish any of our training videos on YT yet … :fearful:

This was so handy for the live stream today @piitciia - thank you! :star_struck:

Thank you Mike, it was fun :heart_eyes:

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