Unable to subtract one audio from another

Despite following both the tutorials on the youtube channel for subtracting one audio from another, when I attempt to do so, it doesn’t work, if someone can help me with the subtraction or even do it for me please do so the first file attached is the whole audio while the 2nd file is the audio with the parts I want to subtract from the first audio

Defeeted_MissFX.mp3 - Google Drive (the second audio file is a link due to new users being only allowed one embed

Hi, I found the two files weren’t the same size which offset/added a (small) delay to the start time of the audio when loaded into a DAW. That means the files never truly subtract from eachother, you just create ‘comb-filtering’ across the audio spectrum.

I’m assuming that you wanted to remove the vocal sound (as it is present in both files) so I used RX to get this:-

It’s not perfect but it only took a minute to set up and render out…


Thanks for the help but that wasn’t what I intended, if you give me the fixed files I should be able to follow the tutorial since the audios are now lined up, Thanks, SenorSwirls

Hi, Sorry it’s not what you are looking for but I didn’t bother to line-up the files - I don’t have the time!

I used the file you supplied above and RX to remove the Vocal - that only requires a single file to work.


Don’t feel bad I should of worded what I was looking for better. If you know any tutorials on how to do that please send them