Trying to replicate this jingle

Hi All.

I am trying to replicate this Jingle myself.

I have paid for and installed the Adobe Audition Presets and was hoping for some inspiration. I have got the clean ‘Nobody’ from a VO someone has done for me. I am wondering how to go about doing the initial ‘No-No-No’. I don’t know whether to clip the front and then copy and paste numerous times or use another way. Hoping you can shed some light on what might be the best options.

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Here you go,you can find lots of tutorials on @Mike youtube channel

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Clip the front and copy and paste is the easiest way to achieve it. Try to be accurate in your placements of the stutters though so it sounds natural so either keep the intervals the same or do some at equal intervals then some at half the interval and maybe even some at quarter the interval.

Thanks for the advice Mark. I’ve heard another one similar from Hot 97 and I know it can be done. Is there an easy way to keep the clips at an equal interval?

You could change the time display to beats and bars and that may help.