Trying to make Patio Gift Certificates interesting

Honestly, I felt like this had potential but missed the mark a bit. Would welcome suggestions. Not too late for an edit for this weekend. :slight_smile:


For me It’s GREAT! rock on

Thanks Juan! Great job on that package for Mike! Hope the restoration is going well there.

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Sounds damn good! Only thing I’d say is it’s losing some impact in the way of FX or music at 0:32- 0:34. It needs a little extension of the FX until closer to the end of your dialogue “… and the patio”. But no music with the “Welcome Back. I missed ya,” is good.

Maybe lift the music and FX volume level a bit too. It sounded like it was struggling to make a showing lol.

Otherwise it sounds very professional and exactly what I’d hear on the radio.


That was it. Thank you, @Mr-Shortcuts- right on, David!!

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Perfect! :+1: Nailed it. Love it. Don’t touch it! lol

Although, (geez I can’t shut up) I am assuming the FX at the start are sizzling? Because they sound like a very fizzy drink. Can you leave the sizzling going and have a drink FX and fade the sizzling with your refreshing"ahhh!" ? That way it makes the sizzling sound like it’s being killed off by the drink.

And at 0:37, it needs a ‘thunk’ FX. Because the existing FX fade to a soft ending and straight into the sizzling.


I love it! Better still I think so THANKS AGAIN. I’m sending it in.

Beautiful! Job well done. Now, off to that patio! :tropical_drink:

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Awesome job on the production there! I loved the EQ on a dehydrated patio.

Now, I’m curious, “patio weather” is not a term I’ve heard much this side of the pond. Tell me more?

I believe ‘Patio Weather’ is weather that is way too good to be staying inside for.

Thanks @Mike. Here in the South of the US we consider the heat of the summer to be unpleasant to be out on the patio but as the fall arrives we are more likely to dine and hydrate outdoors.

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You got it, David! @Mr-Shortcuts

Simply ways to tell the same thing in different ways!!

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