Transplant vocals from song 1 to song 2

I’m here to ask some help. I’m trying to transplant the vocals of a song over the instrumental part of another song. The song n. 2 is a remake of the n. 1,so they are similar. To do that I’ve used Izotope. I’m not advanced with the tool,so I’ve got a bad result because after having removed the voice I can hear again its frequence…I’m sure that i can make a better work,but I don’t know how. This is valid for the first part of the project,the isolation of instrumental part from the song 1. Instead,for the second part,the isolation of the vocals of the song 2 : Inside izotope the vocals that I have isolated are decent,but when exported in a mp3 file I hear also the music that I have removed previously. I would like to get some suggestions,thanks.

iZotope RX is there best there is, that I’ve seen, for vocal isolation and removal. If this tool can’t do it then it’s likely not possible.

Make sure you’re using the Music Rebalance tool in RX and have a play with the presets to get the sound you want. I’ve always found vocal removal to work better than vocal isolation. Vocal isolation always sounds a little “wishy-washy” in my opinion.

I tried,but since I’m not expert,I haven’t been able to make a good job.