Tour of the studio, post show questions

Hi Mike, just watched your tour of the studio video (which I loved!) and had a few questions.

FIrstly, those dashboard monitors with stats looked AWESOME! Was wondering if they are monitors or TV’s as I seem to recall you said the software which powers them “makes dashboards look great on TV screens” (or something similar).

Also, are all your monitors connected to a single iMac? If so, how have you physically (i.e what cables) hooked them all up to the iMac?

Finally, you mentioned about needing to have your iMac hooked up to your router via Cat5 ethernet cable in order to live stream. Is it not possible to live stream over WIFI then? Or is it just becuase of the WIFI signal in your house?

Thanks again…John

Thanks @John_Aspinall all great questions!

I’m using monitors for the dashboards. The exact model is LG 24M37H 24 inch LED Monitor (1920x1080, VGA, HDMI) although that exact model seems to no longer be available.

My large screen (the LG 32LK450U 32-inch Widescreen) is connected directly to my iMac using Thunderbolt to HDMI. The two dashboard monitors, however, are connected to a Gigabyte Brix BXBT-1900 which powers the dashboards independently of my iMac setup.

I prefer wired connections vs. Wi-Fi wherever possible. Wi-Fi would most likely still work but is subject to interference and I want my connection to be rock solid so cables win :slight_smile:

Hy @Mike, i have question about dashoboard. Yours look awesome!!! :smiley: How did you made it? Is it somewhere some kind of app or you have to program all this dashboard stuff and put it on monitors? Thank you for response. :blush:

Thanks for asking @Mihael!

I use this:

It’s a deep rabbit hole of coding but if you like that you’ll have some fun with this :wink:

OMG! Hahahaa :rofl: Yes, I thought it’s something like that.
Ok, thank you.

It will take lots of your time but is a super fun project to work on :wink:

I liked it so much I even contributed and made a widget. If you hots a podcast with Spreaker you can display how many listens your latest episode has had with the Spreaker Podcast Plays widget.

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