To show some of mine

Here is couple of things I did in last couple of years, looking back on them I would do some things different. They all are on my native language, I can do nothing about that :smiley:

Some trailers and EMO trailers (emotional trailers, trying to set the mood of current time of year)

Summer show openers for AC radio

One quick sweeper :slight_smile:


Excellent @Saba, taking apart the matter that I did not understand a thing lol! The emotion, technics and the kind of sound, reminds me my radio days! Thank you for sharing.


@Juanmapinker guess I have upper hand when comes to Saba croatian language since I am bosnian.

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Vrlo dobro @Macula! Pozdravi

@Macula Sad mi je lakΕ‘e :smile:

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These are really good!

The music beds on the summer show openers are really up my street :tada:

All of these are made for AC radio’s so there no to much of sound effects on them, but they should do the job.

Hi @Saba, enjoyed the second very much (1:20 running time)