Tips to make your voice sound better

Less nasaly or less congested…?
maybe tips on getting rid of lisps.

that stuff!

I’m definitely down for VO tips. Especially for those of us with super hard eses!

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My cohosts and I find it that when we do vocal exercises before we record, we sound much better. Here’s a vid that used to help us with that.

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Great question, Matthew!

A couple of things you can watch before recording are no chocolate or dairy as that clogs up the vocal passages. Drink water with lemon and eat a nice juicy apple.

There are so many exercises - something I can cover on the show for sure!


For me hot drinks are the killer. If I drink a hot drink before a link I can noticeably hear I am more breathy when doing following links.

Because I am a huge tea drinker though I tend to just leave it to become warm rather than hot and I’m then ok.

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I find warming up with tongue twisters to be a huge helper. I narrate a lot of training videos, and read a lot of dialogue that is not part of my daily speech. Check out a cool video by Rodney Saulsberry,, I find myself practicing them through the day to stay loose. :blush: