This video brought surprising results in the new business department

I previously put this video on my Facebook page and it brought surprisingly good returns! I recorded video voicing the project. I then produced the audio and replaced the original audio with the produced. In the past, I’ve uploaded audio files on social media with little success. However, the video has been a game changer.

Here’s the link to the Facebook video that I uploaded on YouTube to share on other platforms.



Thanks for sharing. I just saw your video and I like it pretty much. It is very useful for me.

Thanks for the kind words. I encourage you to give it a shot!

Good job. Thanks for sharing.


First off I think what you did here was awesome. Secondly, I think you just took a spin on the marketing world that is about to shock them. You are on to something here and adding video into an audio audience in a social media world is definitely the way to go. I can only imagine the messages you got on that. GREAT WORK MATE…

I will search for this on FB and share it as well. I am friends with about 3-4 radio people.

Thanks so much, Joe! I highly recommend to anyone who creates audio through speaking or producing or both to record video of the process and share it with the produced audio mixed in. I was amazed by the response and I bet you’ll have a similar experience.

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A clever way to market yourself and find new clients

I liked the way you’ve put the video together so that you’re voicing the imaging in real time as the effects break down. Very cool indeed!

@Mike, thanks for the inspiration and education! I used to say to my wife, “honey I just wish there was someplace I could go for Adobe Audition Boot Camp to learn more about this tool I use each day”. Here at the station I said, “there must be an expert out there who could coach us up and help us get more out of the program!”

Then, along came you! Found you on a YouTube video and am so grateful for the daily higher learning!

PS. I still say you should host a Boot Camp weekend or week where users could immerse themselves and leave better for it. I know you don’t have much going on so… :wink: maybe ABC Audition Boot Camp could be a thing someday?

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How do you get the tinny radio effect?

Hi Rob, thanks for the Facebook connection, sir! The “where by the way, radio still means something” line was produced with lots of filter knocking off the bottom 3 or 4 hundred. I’d be happier to to show you on Skype or FaceTime exactly how I did it.

That would be great. Are you free on Tuesday night UK time? Skype or FaceTime fine with me.

Absolutely Rob, I believe you are five hours ahead of me in the eastern time zone so if Tuesday night at 7 PM your time 2 PM Eastern standard time works for you I could do it then. Also, I might try to figure out how to make a quick video of it and posted too.

great job sir… thanks for help… nice voice anyway… Gbu n success

Danny, thanks so much. I encourage you get your audio heard in videos. It’s making a big difference for me!

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Wooow Paul! That’s really a cool voice You Got! And a very cool video. May i ask How and with What You recorded?
Thanks for the share.

Thanks Martin! I recorded the video on my iPhone and recorded the audio in the latest version of Adobe Audition. I produced the audio and then inserted it into the video using iMovie. I’m about to begin recording video using multiple webcams that I purchased on Amazon for about 20 dollars US each. Currently working on how to record and edit video from more than one camera.