The Voiceover Presets

After purchasing the VO presets, I am noticing some drops in audio levels, as if it is fading in and out. Also the heavy Male preset blows my speakers of the table. In its current state neither preset is any good to send to clients.

Hey @MaxP I feel your frustration - this can be really frustrating when you’re trying to produce something of high quality for your clients.

Here’s what you can try: first, you can increase the volume by Normalizing to -0.1db in the Favorites menu of Adobe Audition before you drag into the preset on the multitrack. This should help ensure that all the effects and plugins work properly. Additionally, you can adjust the settings on the noise gate to reduce the fading in and out effect. The second step should be needed if normalization happens however.

With these changes the presets should produce higher quality audio that’s suitable for your clients. I hope this helps!