The Future of SoundCloud

If you have content on SoundCloud, you better read this


I saw this a few hours ago and thought about posting it but then thought, nahhh.

Oh feck. I’ve years of material up on it.
I better tell the guys.

Thanks ever so much for the heads-up Darling.


Zuckerburg may need to invest.

Investors want to replace the CEO of SoundCloud, the troubled music-streaming service, as part of a new round of investment.

Under terms of a proposed funding deal circulated this week, former Vimeo CEO Kerry Trainor would run SoundCloud in place of founder and current CEO Alex Ljung, who will stay on as chair of the company’s board. Trainor would also bring in a new chief operating officer, according to investor documents that lay out details of the new round.

Oh boy! Now, I need to download everything I uploaded - to Dropbox I guess? Has anybody already pulled their audio from SoundCloud?

I didn’t care for it anyway as sometimes people without accounts couldn’t hear it and there was no way (I could find) to keep it from automatically playing other files after your file played.

You don’t need to jump on that just yet…


Also the same message from SoundCloud’s own blog - they’re not going away